Newspapers&TV in Oz

I bought a newspaper last weekend. I normally don’t buy newspapers here, because B&G has a subscription for the Australian, the Canberra Times and the Sydney Morning Herald and these papers are usually lying around on the tables in the kitchen. However, I felt I needed to spend the $2.20 (1,43 Euro) on the weekend edition of the Sydney Morning Herald. The price may seem a bit steep, but in fact the paper had 402 pages altogether and weighed a couple of 100g. Of course, the carreer and cars sections were quite large. But still-one could really spend more than a weekend reading it. The downside is that most Aussie papers are surprisingly light when it comes to international news. The Sydney Morning Herald had a special on the dire consequences of global warming, but as Oz is the nation emitting the largest amount of carbon dioxide per capita, and also very affected by droughts, I won’t really classify this as international news. They also don’t really follow the convention of having politics on the first couple of pages, followed by national and international news. Instead, everything is pretty much mixed up. We do not get any Austrian newspapers or magazines here, which is not really surprising. There are a couple of British papers around, like the „Guardian weekly“. I found a copy of „Die Welt“ in a newsagent in Cairns and would have bought it (even though it was rather expensive), but I was turned away by the fact that it was almost two weeks old. They were also selling the previous day’s edition of the Sydney Morning Herald and the Melbourne Age. Surprising at first, but consider that these papers needed to be transported a few thousand kilometers. The TV and radio is a bit more international. Radio news are often supplied by the BBC and sometimes by Deutsche Welle (in English). A government-owned station, SBS, broadcasts news in a couple of foreign languages (notably including German, Mandarin and Portuguese). I could even watch „Inspector Rex“ if I was desperate.