Sydney Pictures

Pictures from our trip to Sydney in the Australian winter… 100_0482andrew This picture was taken by Andrew on Bondi Beach in Sydney-click on it to enlarge. From left to right: Lucia (Italy), Miloud (France), Elena (Italy), Francois? (France), Ben (Australia/Tonga, kneeling), Mari (Japan), David, Margarita, Christian (Austria), Sebastien (France), Tina (Denmark), Lee (UK), Sophie (Denmark), April (USA), George (UK). Yes, George is bathing.

Click on the images to enlarge them… Sydney doesn’t just have trains, buses and streetcars. There’s also a Monorail: dsc00826 Old and new: dsc00827 Sydney Aquarium:  dsc00846dsc00850 Bondi Beach: dsc00865dsc00867 beware of the sharks: dsc00870 Luna Park, an amusement park: dsc00891 Sydney Harbour Bridge: dsc00897 You know what it is: dsc00856 dsc00901 Picknick in the park: dsc00915dsc00916 dsc00917 Sydney Tower seen from the park: dsc00918 The park seen from Sydney Tower: dsc00841 In the Botanical Gardens: dsc00929 On top of Harbour Bridge: dsc00939 Canberra is seemingly less important than Sydney’s suburbs: dsc00926