I’m still alive

I’m still alive and back in Austria since the 11th of January. The reason why I haven’t posted anything in the meantime is that there is not a lot of stuff to write about. I’m not saying that I’m up to nothing, it’s just that I’m doing stuff that’s not too uncommon–studying, working for the students‘ association, partys, skiing, and so on. This is mostly stuff that’s not really interesting for people who don’t know me–and those who do will probably know what it’s like anyway.
From the server statistics, I can glean that there are still a couple of folks who check out this site regularly. That’s something I really like! And I don’t want to disappoint my readers, so I will be posting updates every few days/weeks.
I am also looking for a new topic for this journal–I need to change it. Maybe I’ll write about physics or studying. Maybe about something completely different. If you have some suggestions, I’d love to hear them. And please, please ignore the comment spam that keeps pouring in–I’ll fix that soon.