Go ahead punk, make my day

So sieht’s aus, wenn man über den A-Online SMTP Server eine e-mail verschickt:

$ telnet email.aon.at smtp
Connected to email.aon.at.
Escape character is '^]'.
220 smarthubxx.highway.telekom.at ESMTP
helo xxxxxxx
250 smarthubxx.highway.telekom.at
mail from:mail@example.com
250 ok
rcpt to:mail@example.com
250 ok
354 go ahead punk, make my day

250 ok xxxxxxxxxx qp xxxx by smarthubxx.highway.telekom.at
221 smarthubxx.highway.telekom.at Goodbye.
Connection closed by foreign host.

Aus Wikipedia:

In one scene of the movie [Sudden Impact, Anmerkung], Harry Callahan (played by Clint Eastwood) goes into a diner for a morning cup of coffee. When Callahan discovers a robbery in the diner, he kills the robbers in a shootout. However, a surviving robber holds the fleeing waitress Loretta (Mara Corday) at gunpoint, and holds his gun to her head and threatens to shoot. Instead of backing off, Harry points his .44 Magnum revolver into the man’s face at point-blank range and dares him to shoot, saying with clenched teeth and in his characteristic rough grumble, „Go ahead, make my day„.